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Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses 

I met Natalie Owen at BBC radio Nottingham where she presented me with an illustration of myself as a Disney princess wearing glasses. I was so moved by her gesture and the amazing illustration.


When I shared an idea of a story I had with Natalie she loved it and offered to bring it to life. She spent lots of her spare time helping create this beautifully illustrated story book and I am so grateful to her for all the hard work and dedication she has put in to this project

This would be a PERFECT gift, especially for anyone who takes their glasses off to dress up! I used to think I should take off my glasses to be a “princess” because princesses NEVER had glasses on in the media.

Well here she is.... the beautiful Princess Rose. I don’t know if you might have already noticed but....


lowri cover new.jpg

I’ve had so many people, young and old, who tell me how needed this is and how my letter to Disney really helped them to realise their own insecurities. I hope this book helps EVERYONE who reads it with its message of self acceptance and true beauty.

Although the book is aimed at children - the message is for EVERYONE. Girls, boys, adults, children.... EVERY - one! 

Being an ambassador for Clearly has helped me to realise there are many children who don't have access to sight tests and glasses. We have decided that 30% of the profit from the sale of each book will be donated to charities providing these services. 


Seeing clearly could be just the ingredient that transforms a persons life and opens the door to opportunity. 

Natalie Owen


Hi, I’m Natalie, locally from Nottingham, Disney fanatic and head designer at LeftLion magazine. I studied Art and Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University and NCN Adams. Before starting out at LeftLion, I worked for Nottingham Trent Student’s Union as part of their design team on projects promoting activities for students. I not only design and lay out the magazine at LeftLion, I also do a lot of design, filming and photography work for other clients through LeftLion Extended on projects such as, Nottingham City Council, Nottingham BID, Young Creative Awards, Television Workshop, Mellors, etc.


I found great inspiration in this touching story that deals with themes such as anxiety. Lowri is such an inspirational girl to have thought of this story idea. Art offers a way in which to see the world differently and I hope this book can help children who may feel a bit anxious about things in their lives at the time. Hopefully it will help them see that they don't need an Angustina in their lives and that they are beautiful no matter what.

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